Attractions and Exhibits open at 5:30pm and are included in the price of admission (except the Gunfighter Pistol Shoot and Pony Express Ride).

Sheriff Greg’s Jail
A great spot for Outlaws, In-Laws, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly to snap some pics of friends and relations (and sometimes strangers) is Sheriff Greg’s Jail. Just make sure your picture doesn’t end up on a wanted poster!

Pony Express Ride
On October 26, 1861, the last Pony Express message was delivered from St. Joseph, Missouri, to Sacramento, California, by horseback in under 10 days. The Express is now gone but we still have the pony to ride here at the Flying J Ranch. Cowboys and cowgirls under 12 can ride the Pony Express (well, more like the Pony Walk) just like the couriers did across the great west.

Pistol Shoot
Test your quick-draw skills at the Pistol Shoot with real old west six-shooters. See if you can shoot straight from the hip! Take home your target for bragging rights.

Cattle Roping at the Flying J Corral
The cattle didn’t always want to “get along” on the trail so cowboys became skilled in roping the disagreeable bovines. Roping continues today in rodeo competitions around the west. You and your young-uns can test your skill on a roping “dummy” at the Flying J Corral.

Gold Panning
The lure of gold brought prospectors to New Mexico as well as California. Most went home with tales of adventure in the west but with empty pockets. Now your lil’ prospectors can try their hand at panning for gold. Any “gold” they find is theirs to take home as a souvenir from Bonita City.

Visit the Flying J Ranch Blacksmith to learn how pioneers and westerners fashioned iron to make the tools needed to survive and tame the wild, wild west.

Flying J Chuckwagon
Wrangler Greg serves real cowboy coffee and explains how chuckwagons not only kept the cowboys fed on the cattle drives, but how they also served as the center of the cowboy community. The coffee is free… if you can handle it.

The Native American culture has had a profound influence on life in New Mexico. The Ranch’s TeePee contains Native American artifacts and a short audio presentation on the history of the local Mescalero tribe.


Shops are open from 5:30pm until supper.

The Flying J Stores are full of nostalgic items, jewelry, western toys, awesome and unique t-shirts and gifts handmade in New Mexico! Lots of cowboy and western themed items and curios are available. Look for popguns, six-shooters, "Woody" hats, rocks, and rattlesnake eggs for the kids, and then some more collectable items and jewelry for adults.

Cindy’s Saloon
Parched after a long day on the trail? Feeling grumpy because your tummy is grumbly? Cindy’s Saloon has all kinds of sweets, vittles and sarsaparillas to bring a smile to the face of you and your kin. Enjoy some ice-cold ice cream.